Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Saying ´sí, y...´ to Argentina

For some reason writing an inaugural blog post has been intimidating, so I´m going to start off with some random observations from my trip so far to get the creative juices flowing...

- Buenos Aires is exactly the blend of Spain, Italy, and Latin America that I expected. Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires) eat dinner as late as midnight and some clubs don´t even open until 3 am. If certain friends were here with me I know we could do some major damage.

- I have been meeting tons of interesting people from around the world--Scots, Brits, Germans, Israelis, South Americans--but only one other American so far. So curious as to why this is.

- Somehow I got saddled with a fake 100 peso bill, and when I tried to use it yesterday the cashier laughed at how bad of an imitation it was. I figured out that a taxi driver in Buenos Aires must have switched it out for my real one when he said he didn´t have enough change. This has been the only real bummer of the trip so far, but I´m only out $25 and now I know to be more vigilant.

- Long-distance bus rides are surprisingly comfortable and relaxing, especially with my Kindle. I´m about to head back to Buenos Aires, but the 19-hour journey shouldn´t faze me thanks to Devil in the White City, care of WZ.

- I am newly obsessed with alfajores, multi-layer Argentinian cookies that are fused together with mousse and generally covered in chocolate. More information to come. Slash good thing I am walking A LOT because right now my diet consists of bread, steak, beer, wine, and alfajores.

- The first few days of my trip I had technology withdrawals like crazy. I have been trying to get a little computer time in each day, but not having my iPhone makes me feel naked. Related note: I miss all my friends.

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  1. Yes, I could do some major damage at da clubs at 3 a.m. You know me. Miss you!